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Foreigners in the territory of Argentina: Information

InformationHere the foreign visitor may find a series of recommendations to travel in Argentina and NOA region, where is located the province of Salta.


International calls DDI + 54 + 387 + No. Salta

  • Argentina has the same time zone as Uruguay and Brazil (-3GMT).
  • The local currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso. It should change money in big cities, to get a better price for the dollar or the Euro. But there is also a widespread acceptance of all credit cards.
  • Do not carry advised travelers checks by the high cost of their use.
  • In most cities there are ATMs to draw cash with debit cards.
  • In Argentina international calls and domestic long distance are relatively cheap and efficient service. The coin operated public telephones and / or phone cards.
  • Internet is well dispersed. Some hotels offer these services to its guests. In Salta, Jujuy and Tucuman there are a lot Cybercafe booths or Internet connection to the Internet via ADSL - banda ancha.
  • The dialing feature of Salta is 0387 and Argentina is 054

Requirements for admission to Argentina:

  • The majority of tourists are granted a permit to stay for 90 days and does not require a visa, passport only. The neighbouring countries do not require passports, identity cards only.
  • Are not allowed to enter plants, vegetables, fruit and perishable foods (sweets, fresh food, etc.).
  • If you come by car, or if you are going to rent one, you need international driver's license.