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How to get to Salta, North of Argentina

Get hereBy plane, bus or car, the following information will be helpful to organize your trip:


By plane:
Airlines: Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN.
Fares to and from Buenos Aires around $ 800 - around for a round trip, but they get promotions which greatly lowers the price.
Salta has communication with air Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Tucuman and Jujuy.
There are approximately 5 daily frequencies to Buenos Aires.
The airport General Martin Miguel de Güemes is located 9 km. the city of Salta by the national route 51.
There is also a cab services at the airport. The approximate price from the airport to downtown is $ 25.

By bus:
Companies operating in Salta are:
Chevallier, Merco Bus, La Veloz del Norte, La Nueva Estrella, Andes Mar, Expreso Panamericano, TAC, Balut, Alte. Brown, El Indio, and Geminis, among others.
Prices from Buenos Aires to Salta around $300 (US$ 100) approx. for an outward journey.
The trip takes about 20 hours.
The international destinations from Salta are: Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, Calama, Arica, Iquique and Antofagasta in Chile and Asuncion in Paraguay.
The bus terminal is located at Av. Hipólito Irigoyen and Tavella (7 blocks from downtown). A taxi from the terminal toward the city center, AR costs between $5 and $8 (pesos argentinos).

By Car
From Buenos Aires there are two alternatives:

     * On National Route No. 9, about 1800 kilometers. It goes up by the panamericana via Tucuman, then come the towns of Rosario de la Frontera, Metán, and seven miles before the entrance to the city of Güemes there is a roundabout where you can opt for the Salta and Jujuy way.
     * Another alternative is the same route to Rosario, where you take the national route No. 34 to Santiago del Estero and passes through Rafaela, Sunchales, Santa Fe, Ceres, Colonia Dora y Taboada. It is a bit shorter than the previous one, about 1650 kilometers.

From Cordoba:

     * Take National Route No. 9 to Santiago del Estero. It goes through and Villa Maria Jesus San Martin, and then continues on the road as from Buenos Aires.