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Buses to San Pedro de Atacama from Salta

San Pedro de Atacama

Northern Argentina is very well connected with Northern Chile
. For this reason an important exchange of passengers from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta, and vice versa occurs.
Due to the large number of inquiries we have about schedules and features, we have put us in touch with the two companies offering this route to provide reliable information to plan the trip.
The following information was provided by the respective companies and assume responsibility for changes and / or modifications. We try to keep this as we report information.
The 2 companies going to Chile are Pullman and Geminis and the current price to San Pedro de Atacama round the ar$850 per person.

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Weather in Salta and North of Argentina

WeatherIn general, northern of Argentina, is a tropical zone, so the weather is usually warm. But when there countless regions with special characteristics, this suffers many variations.
There is a huge weather  range from the cold desert of the Andes and the puna, until the subtropical heat of the jungle.
The orientation of the mountainous cords plays an important role in the distribution of rainfall.

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When Travelling to Salta: Choose The Best Time

Travel to SaltaDuring the four seasons, this tourist area offers alternatives. Each station has its particular characteristics.

For those who enjoy the sun, water and green, summer is the best alternative, because the rains turn green vegetation surrounding rivers and remain plentiful, and in some cases, water has a warm temperature.

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Travel to Salta: General Recommendations

RecomendationsFor the tours: we recommend using water-resistant footwear, rubber plant or insulator. That is comfortable for hiking, horseback riding or ascents. It is also advisable to be a shoe used to wear out smoothly.
The ideal footwear, are trekking shoes that can be used for all outdoor activities.

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