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San Antonio de los Cobres

San Antonio de los Cobres

San Antonio de los Cobres is a typical village in the region of the Puna Salteña, with low houses, mostly built with mud blocks (adobe). Its name derives from the large amount of copper deposits of which exist near the village.

  • LOCATION: 24°13′32"S, 66°19′09"O
  • ALTITUDE: 3775 msnm / 12.500 pies.
  • POPULATION: 5.482 hab. (INDEC, 2001)
  • AREA CODE: A4411

It is located in central-western of Salta and at the confluence of highly erosive Rio Toro with the San Antonio.
Its location on the lower part of the Quebrada del Toro is strategic because it since before the arrival of the Spaniards this was a natural corridor between the Pacific Ocean and the Plain-Cacho Pampeana, which allowed cultural exchange, goods, etc.
For almost all year, the weather is very tough, windy and cold-dry at night are characteristic.
Among its attractions is the world's famous "Viaducto La Polvorilla" a monumental bridge of the "Train to the Clouds" at 4200 abobe sea level, 64 meters high and 224 meters long.


This trip starts coming out of Salta to the so-called "Portal de los Andes", the town of Campo Quijano, located at the entrance to the El Toro Gorge.
It begins a gradual ascent where you can see the change in vegetation, from lush green to complete aridity that characterizes the Puna.
The journey follow almost all the time the tracks of the"Train to the Clouds" (currently unavailable), watching bridges, viaducts, tunnels, zig zags and other resources  employees for the train for the same can up the 4200 meters. It passes through the viaducto El toro and several stations that seem arrested in time, like Muñano.
If weather permitting, the trip accesses to the historic ruins of Tastil (pre-Incan city), then to its archaeological museum for continue towards the Cuesta de Muñano reaching its highest point, the Abra Blanca, with 4080 meters above sea level.
After a short descent is reached San Antonio de los Cobres, it runs through the village, and then undertake the trip to Salta.

  • DISTANCE: 390 km.(70% asphalt, 30% gravel)
  • DURATION: Full Day(12 hs aprox.)
  • TIMES: From 07:00 hs. to 19:00 hs. aprox .
  • INCLUDE: Transportation, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE: Food and beberages.
  • PRICE PER PERSON: See the Tour Price List