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White Water Rafting

Salta Rafting

Making Rafting in Salta is one of the favorite activities that anyone wishing to venture should not be lost. For more than three years that this activity is positioned as the most important in terms adventure tourism.

Much of the rivers in the province are able to practice this sport. But these rivers depends exclusivly for rains in summer, and makes it not regular to practice this activity throughout the year.
This is not the case of the fabulous Juramento River, a large and important river that born in the union of the Arenales River with the Rosario and Guachipas rivers.
The Juramento River is dominated and content through various reservoirs and canals as derivatives, which makes it have a steady stream throughout the year.
The most importantly reservoir or dam is that everyone knows as "Dique Cabra Corral" Its official name is "Presa Embalse General Belgrano".

The clear waters leaving the Cabra Corral dam, run between stones, curves and different natural features, so it has been assigned the degree of "River Level III" or Intermediate and the wikipedia explains:
It has medium turbulent waters with waves of no more than 1 meter, eddies dangerous to swimmers and any consideration for boats.
The navigation and requires technical knowledge of the river and there are some important technical steps.

Other rivers where they tend to organize outings are Bermejo, Lipeo and Iruya Rivers. But these departures represent real crossings adventures by long distances, logistics and duration, as places are really difficult to access.