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Salta Tour Prices

Here you will find the actual prices for the tours and packages in Northwest Argentina. Rates are valid until Dec. 31th 2018.

Tour Packages from Salta

These are packages where we combine excursions and apply a higher discount. The excursions that make up the packages are the same as if they were contracted separately.

 Final Price p/p 
Tours / Activities included in the pack
Pack 1: Full NOAar$ 4600Cafayate - Cachi - Humahuaca - Puna & Salt Flats
Pack 2: Salta Adventurear$ 5950MTB Yungas - Horseback 1/2 day w/ BBQ - Trekking Yungas short - Rafting w/ BBQ and TRF
Pack 3: Calchaquí Valleyar$ 1950Cafayate - Cachi
Pack 4: Salt & Quebradaar$ 2700Salinas Grandes - Humahuaca Gorge
Pack 5: Cabra Corral Adrenalinear$ 1500Transfer - Bungee - Puenting - Zip Line - Rappel - Transfer is not included


Regular Tours from Salta

It consists of daily departures, with a guide in a minibus of 15, 19 or 24 passengers. It can also be in a van depending on the number of passengers. Departures are guaranteed, a minimum of participants is not required. Characteristics of regular excursions. We offer discounts of up to 15% for early bookings.

 Price pp 
Cafayatear$ 11007:00 to 18:00Transfers - Bilingual Guide
Cachiar$ 12007:00 to 19:00Transfers - Bilingual Guide
Humahuacaar$ 13507:00 to 19:00Transfers - Bilingual Guide
Puna & Salt Flatsar$ 18007:00 to 20:30Transfers - Bilingual Guide
City Tour in Minibusar$ 45016:00 to 19:30Transfers - Bilingual Guide

Special tours from Salta

These tours are organized with an small group of people and is usually done in a van with a capacity for 4 passengers and 1 driver/guide. A minimum of 3 passengers is required to confirm the departure. Anyway, passengers traveling alone, can try to join a departure in case we have it scheduled.

 Price pp 
Round to the Calchaqui ValleyAR$ 160002 days4 seats vehicle - Bilingual Guide
IruyaAR$ 180002 days4 seats vehicle - Bilingual Guide
Tolar GrandeAsk3 daysTransfers - Guide - Accommodation is optional
Movitrack - Safari to the CloudsAsk6:20 to 21:30Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beberages.
Movitrack - Safari to the Clouds with HumahuacaAsk2 daysBreakfast, lunch, snacks and beberages.
Movitrack - Safari Route 40Ask2 daysBreakfast, lunch, snacks and beberages.

Transfer IN and OUT Salta Airpoort

The comfort of knowing that when you arrive at the airport, there will be a person to receive you and help you with the transfer to your hotel. More information for the Transfers IN/OUT Salta airport.

19 seat minibusar$ 250 p/p per wayShare the 40 minutes transfer with other passengers.
Private carar$ 790 per wayA vehicle with capacity for 3 passengers with luggage or 4 passengers with no big luggage.
Private 19 seat minibusar$ 2900 per wayA 19-seat minibus which seats can be taken to accommodate luggage.

Adventure Tours in Salta

 Price p/p
Duration Include
Mountain Bike   
MTB Yungasar$ 130010:00 a 14:00Transfers, equipments,water and snacks
MTB Bull Circuitar$ 160010:00 a 18:00Transfers, equipments,water, lunch and snacks
MTB Downhill Cuesta del Obispoar$ 250010:00 a 18:00Transfers, equipments,water, lunch and snacks
TREKK Yungas Longar$ 14009:00 a 18:00Transfers, trekking poles and lunch
TREKK Yungas Shortar$ 12009:00 a 14:00Transfers, trekking poles and snacks
TREKK Cuesta del Obispoar$ 27007:00 to 20:00Transfers, trekking poles and lunch
TREKK to the CloudsAsk4 days / 3 nightsPrice for no residents.
TREKK to the Clouds ExpressAsk3 days / 2 nightsPrice for no residents.
Horse Back Riding   
Chicoana 1/2 dayar$ 11009:00 a 14:00Transfers, 3 hs. Circuit
Chicoana 1/2 day w/ BBQar$ 18009:00 a 16:00Transfer, 3 hs. Circuit and BBQ
Chicoana Full Dayar$ 25009:00 a 19:00Transfers, 2 circuits and BBQ
Chicoana Full Day w/ picnic in the mountainar$ 28009:00 a 19:00Transfers, 2 circuits, Breakfast, BBQ, Te
Chicoana Full Day w/ nightar$ 30009:00 a 11:00Transfers, Breakfast, Lunch, Te, Dinner, 2 circuits, Accommodation with private bathroom
Transfer to the Salta Rafting Basear$ 590Departure at 8:15Round trip. Departure from the city center.
Rafting in Juramento Riverar$ 9508:00 to 19:00NO BBQ Included. Passengers can bring their food / picnic. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Rafting in Juramento River w/ BBQar$ 11508:00 to 19:00A tasty BBQ with vegetarian option. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Pack Rafting + Canopy (Zipline)ar$ 17008:00 a 19:00 A tasty BBQ with vegetarian option. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Extreme Games in Cabra Corral   
Transferar$ 58010 am and 15 pmRound trip. Departure from the city center.
Bungeear$ 780All day longBungee Jump. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Puentingar$ 580All day longJump bound from the waist and hanging on the water. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Tirolesa (zipline)ar$ 480All day longSliding of 200 mts. on a rope. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Rappelar$ 380All day longDescent with a rope from a platform to the water. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Paseo por la islasar$ 580All day longExplore the islands of Cabra Corral Dike by boat. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Bananoar$ 480All day long20 minutes of fun. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Moto de Aguaar$ 780All day long15 minutes of fun. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Pack Adrenalinear$ 1840All day longBungee, Puenting, Tirolesa y Rappel. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.
Pack Adventurear$ 1480All day longBanano, Moto de Agua y Paseo por las Islas. TRANSFER IS NOT INCLUDED.

Train to the Clouds

A classic in Salta. This service was totally renovated and it is worth doing once in a lifetime. All the information about the Train to the Clouds.




(in AR$)

July to December 2018






FOREIGNERS (under 12yo)









Car Rental

Rent a car in Salta and explore at your own the attractions of northern Argentina. A good alternative for those looking to save on their trip. Characteristics of the cars and the service.

CATEGORY1 or 2 days3 to 5 days5 or more days
AAR$ 1050 per dayAR$ 1000 per dayAR$ 950 per day
BAR$ 1100 per dayAR$ 1050 per dayAR$ 1000 per day
CAR$ 1200 per dayAR$ 1100 per dayAR$ 1050 per day


How to book with Dexotic?

There are 2 ways to make reservations:

  • If you are in Argentina, by bank transfer or deposit of 50% of the total amount and the balance in our office;
  • For payments from outside Argentina: Paypal (ask for cotization)
  • In our office in cash or with Visa credit card

All the trips must be paid prior to departure.

If you are looking for accommodation, we have reopened a hostel in the heart of the city, just 2 blocks from the main square. Our office is located at the entrance and i am sure you will love it! You can check the website www.lasrejashostel.com
For any aditional queries, please email us from the contact section.