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Pack 1 "Full NOA": All the region!

Pack1 Full NOA

This promotion package is put together for who is looking to complete the most representative tours in NOA (Northern Argentina). It consists of 4 trips which embrace all points of interest and which no tourist with time can leave unvisited. Going to these four places, you will get a full picture of the NOA region.

Pack 1 consists of 4 one-daytrips, each one them leaving from and returning to Salta in the same day. You need to be available 4 entire days, not necessarily consecutive days.

During 4 separate days, the following excursions will take place:

1) Puna and Salt Flats

This trip combines two excursions into one extended trip: first, a journey to San Antonio de los Cobres, following the tracks of the “Tren a las Nubes”, Train to the Clouds. Second, a visit to a part of the “Quebrada de Humahuaca” (quebrada is a deep mountain valley or ravine), visiting the village of Purmamarca passing through the Great Salt Flats earlier on.  Along the way, we assure you some unforgettable landscapes and scenery.  The “Quebrada del Toro” will surprise you with its exceptional forms and colors. The Salt Flats, mainly located in the province of Jujuy, cover an area of approximately 212 km².
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2) Cafayete

Famous for its vineyards, its excellent wines (the grape Torrontés is cultivated here) and its wineries known as “bodegas”. It is the most important city within the tour of the Calchaqui Valleys.
This trip will take you from the south of Salta through the Lerma Valley, at its widest point, learning about the tobacco cultivation and the colonial architecture of the villages, connected to the Argentine Independence Movement.
Afterwards, we enter the “Quebrada del Río las Conchas” (Shells or Cafayate Canyon), enjoying amazing and whimsical sceneries, like the “Garganta del Diablo” (the Devil´s Throat) and the “Anfiteatro” (the Amfitheatre), results of years of erosion by wind and water.
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3) Quebrada de Humahuaca

A region rich in history and tradition. In this area roads and settlements exist for more than ten thousands of years. Today still many archeological and architectural sites are witness of its grand history. The region is home to a population who preserves its ancient customs and habits.
It forms a natural corridor from North to South, which stretches from the Rio Grande basin and connects the Jujuy Valley to the Puna.
In the year 2003, during a session held in Paris, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage in the category of “Cultural Landscapes”.
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4) Cachi

A lovely village, situated in the North East of the Calchaqui Valley. It rests on the eastern flank of the “Nevado de Cachi”, a peak of 6729m and is sided by the banks of the crystalline Calchaquí River, which has its source not far from there, on the heights of the Nevado de Acay, another peak of 5950m.
Its name derives from a misunderstanding amongst the native population, who mistook the snowcapped top of the mountain for a salt mine. This is not entirely ridiculous, taken into account that this is a region abundant of salt flats. Moreover, its top had never been reached by then (or at least no reports existed at that time).
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Optional Excursions to add in this Pack:

Salta City Tour

The tour in Salta city consist of a set of short walks linking historic monuments in the city center and its outskirts (Cerro San Bernardo and San Lorenzo). From 16:00 to 19:00.
More informationCity Tour

Package Details:

  • DURATION: This package consists of 4 one-daytrips, each one them leaving from and returning to Salta on the same day. You need to be available 4 entire days, albeit not necessarily consecutive days.
  • TIME SCHEDULE: all four trips leave around 7:00 to 7:30 (AM) and return is foreseen around 20:00 and 21:00 approximately.
  • INCLUDED: Transport, guide and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Food and drinks, entrance fees to museums.
  • PRICE: Visit our web page prices of the tours in Salta