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Fly Fishing in Mountain Rivers

Fly Fishing Salta

The fly fishing is not for everyone, requires technique, patience and above all, an inexplicable passion for this unique and fascinating activity.
Hang out in search of "dorados" in Salta ends becoming a true adventure travel through the rainforest.

To fish in this region, must have nerves of steel for the insects. Mosquitoes and other insects are very common, so it should withstand high temperatures, with most of the body covered.


  • Lines: In general, we fish with floating lines WF. In some sectors can also be used sinking lines.
  • Leaders: They can take from 5 to 7 feet long, with strong butts to be able to handle large flies, and tippets of 16 pounds of resistance, topped with 20 cm. steel cord of 20 lbs.
  • Flies: We used streamers and deceivers in sizes 2/0 to 3/0. They are also used divers and poppers with head and weighted muddled. The most used colors are black, red, yellow, white and green.
  • Rods: It goes from the number 6 to 9, it depends the river. Ideally, have two rods, a 5/6 and another 8/9, preferably from three tranches, to make it easier to transport.
  • Reels: Serve anyone with a good brake disc, and charged with 80 mts. of backing line (20 pounds);
  • Dress: long-sleeved shirts and trousers for light tropical climates. Hat or cap, with averages of neoprene boots for wading, several pairs of socks, a light rain jacket and a jacket or polar diver shelter, because at night the temperature drops a lot.
  • Accessories: Pliers, sharpener for hooks, pliers, sunglasses, sunscreen, protective lips, insect repellent, boga grip, and so on.


Juramento River: This river, actually born in the dam named Cabra Corral, at south of Salta.
It is greater water flow of a rivers that follows, but with similar characteristics. Usually, is navigated with rafts specially designed and equipped for fishing.
We used number 8/9 rods, with large streamers, and we must make long hauls to acces the front coast.
The hiking tour was about 20 km. per day, which gives the possibility of access to exclusive places, almost virgin and without the presence of other fishermen.
The size of the dorados is ranging from 3 to 9 kg. Although it is not unusual to take a bigger dorado.

Del Valle River: It is a mountain river, with crystal clear waters, ideal for wade and fish with light equipment. We used rods number 5 or 6, small streamers and the same technique with which are fished trout and salmon in Patagonia.
The sizes of the pieces that can be caught ranging from 2 to 5 kg.
In season (September/November), you can have a very good fishing, abundant in quantity and quality.

Dorado River: Like the previous one is a mountain river, with crystal clear waters, ideal for wade and fish with light equipment.
We use the same equipment and techniques that in the river earlier (Del Valle).
This river is born in the Yungas (rainforest in the mountains), within the El Rey National Park, which is named Rio Popayan. Once outside the protected area, adopting the name of Dorado and is where the fisheries.

Also, Salta offers the opportunity to achieve other sports species such as the Tararira (Like the Black Bass) and trout. The equipment is similar to the Dorado fising. Only change the technical and environments.
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