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Canoeing in the Lake

Canotaje en Salta

The excursions in Canadian canoes are the perfect excuse to enjoy the warm summer evenings in Salta. Paddling accessing the best places to swim, relax, walk or get in touch with nature.

These outings are usually carried out in the afternoon, taking advantage of the heat after noon. For the closeness of these places can coordinate different schedules or combine to reach the Campo Alegre Dam on a journey of 30 km. on bicycles.
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Campo Alegre Dam: It is an artificial lake located at 1420 meters, 30 km. north of Salta City, and 4 km. to La Caldera town.
Built in early 1970, primarily to supply water to all areas that make up the "consorsio del río Mojotoro"
Often, is opened the gates at measures of September, when the drought does much to decrease the flow of rivers.
Its second function is to provide drinking water to the city in case of fail the primary reserves, located in the area of Finca Las Costas.
Its pure and unpolluted waters are used to sailing in juvenile category (optimist), because it prohibits motor boats.
The canoe rides for this lake are very relaxing and require little effort. Being surrounded by hills and ravines, can be carried out many activ

Cabra Corral Dam: artificial lake located 90 km. south of Salta City and with a huge area of 13160 hectares.
Its waters feed a central hydraulic, built to obtain power for the provinces in the northwest. Other functions are regulating the flow of the Juramento River, which grew unchecked and detrimental to residents and producers.
The waters of the Juramento River drain into the Parana River under the name of Salado, becoming the country's longest river basin.
These outputs can be combined with sport fishing, is very famous for its good fishing of Pejerrey (silverside)and other species.