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What to do on a rainy day in Salta City?

Rainy day in Salta

Salta is considered one of the prettiest cities in Northern Argentina and one of the favourites for starting or finishing a schedule around this area. Distances in town are not huge making Salta a walking friendly city, it is ideal for hanging around its narrow streets among the people and the careless, chaotic traffic.

From time to time, it may happen that a rainy day is trying to ruin our stay in the city, specially if you are visiting Salta during summer which is rain season. Finding an umbrella will not be a problem since street vendors appear everywhere once the drops start touching the ground. The important aspect here is that you don’t feel down because of the rain; get ready to enjoy some activities that will make you forget about the weather and enjoy this interesting city.

Museums are a great choice for a rainy day. Visiting the MAAM (High Altitude Archaeology Museum), the old City Hall (Cabildo, Northern History Museum), Pajcha (Ethnical Art Museum) or MAC (Modern Art Museum) are great ways to learn more about the history and culture of the region and find shelter until the sun comes out again.
If you are a fan of the handmade products, the Handcrafts Market (Av. San Martín 2555) is a great plan for a rainy afternoon. You can use a couple hours to walk around this colonial mansion and enjoy the beautiful works of art made by local artists. A great place to learn about regional products and come back home with lots of souvenirs!

The universal plan for rainy days is going to the cinema. Salta has a few options to enjoy a nice movie with popcorn and forget about the weather for a few hours. Big complexes such as Hoyts and Cinemark can be found in Alto NOA and Libertad shopping malls. However, there is a cheaper alternative right in the middle of the center. Cine Ópera (Urquiza 560) is an old movie theatre and the only survivor of the war with the big companies.

Another good plan is checking out what is playing at Salta’s theatres. We recommend checking out Teatro Provincial, Fundación Salta, Teatro del Huerto and El Teatrino for different spectacles, plays and concerts that can save you from a boring rainy night.