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The Valley of the Moon in Jujuy

Valley of the Moon in Jujuy province

Did you know that the North of Argentina also has its Valle de la Luna? Yes, it is the Valle de la Luna Jujeño also known as Valle de la Luna de Jujuy, Valle de Marte or Valle de la Luna de Cusi Cusi. It is a set of very striking geological formations located in the west of the province of Jujuy.

One of the reasons why it is here moonscape is to be near the trace of the famous National Route 40.

This landscape of the Puna is located between the villages of Cusi Cusi and Liviara more than 4400 meters, but the scenario it discovers the traveler visiting this beautiful postcard makes you forget completely that is many meters above the level sea. There you can see striking mountains over 5000 meters high.

It is a place where a cloud rarely dares to go and stay, they say there are only forty days with overcast sky throughout the year.

The walk can be complemented through a gravel road starting from Abra Pampa and towards the Natural Monument Laguna de Los Pozuelos through other points as Abra Moreta and Tanquinches.

About Cusi Cusi

This town is located in the department of Jujuy 125 kilometers west of the City of Abra Pampa, near the country of Bolivia and about 350 kilometers from the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. This is a town that has little more than 350 inhabitants.

How to get to Valle de la Luna Jujeño?

Alternative Valle de la Luna of North Argentine is as we said before, very near the village of Cusi Cusi in the Puna. To access the best alternative is to go from Abra Pampa by National Route 9. Abra Pampa are about 52 kilometers around gravel road, then take the Provincial Route 7 to the intersection of Cienaga Grande and from this point are another 36 kilometers Abra Fundiciones to Liviara. From this last locality must travel another 32 kilometers to reach the final destination. Would you like this landscape?