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Chicoana a place to discover

Horseback Riding in Chicoana

A few kilometers from the city of Salta, is a place to discover: Chicoana. This charming village is surrounded by green hills and fertile valleys. It is a combination of nature with gaucho tradition and history.

Like most towns of Northern Argentina, Chicoana is characterized by its narrow streets leading to the main square, central location for all activities such as craft fairs.

Walk the streets of Chicoana is discovering the colonial architecture remains intact over time as in the case of the Church which was built in the eighteenth century. Inside the church can be seen paintings and other objects of artistic and historical value.

This charming village offers its visitors and tourists hiking trails between hills to discover stunning mountain views. San Fernardo de Escope is one of the many ravines that can be seen, which has inspired several artists.

Another amazing place to visit from Chicoana is the Cuesta del Obispo, a site that gives the feeling that you are flying through the clouds while it is possible to see condors. If you like tha adventure, you must try this amazing day trekking.

You can also feel the adrenaline with a Downhill Mountainbike.

It adds to the Valle Encantado places to visit which is part of the Los Cardones National Park. On this site can be a lot of flowers of various colors that contrast with rock formations and emerald green. For those who wish to do some trekking trails are closer to admire the landscape.

The most popular tour in this place are the Horsebackridings and you can choose between half day or full day with a traditional barbecue.

As we always say, a trip is not complete without trying their traditional flavors, especially in this town where gastronomy is full of colors and condiments! Chicoana gastronomy has much about his past, a tale of miscegenation between different ethnic groups and Spanish. The base of the food and dishes is corn. Food base are tamales, humita, locro but of course worth also try their empanadas!

Would you like to combine your trip to Salta with a walk through Chicoana?