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9 things you can not miss in Salta

Craft from northwest Argentina

If you go to Salta either passing through or for a few days, there are several things that you can not stop doing and see ... Take note, we present the 9 things you can not miss if you visit "La Linda".

The Basilica of Salta Cathedral and Plaza 9 de Julio

Salta is a city with several important historic buildings and green spaces, two points that should not miss are the Cathedral which is located north of the main square and Plaza 9 de Julio. The Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful temples in the country and it is a symbol of "La Linda".

Convento San Francisco

Continuing with picturesque and representative list of attractions, another must is in the corner of Caseros and Córdoba street. The Church and Convent of San Francisco is an architectural treasure dating back to 1625.

Cerro San Bernardo

Every step by the City of Salta means taking a little time to visit the Cerro San Bernardo, which was declared a Municipal Nature Reserve. There are different ways to access: cable car, vehicle, or walking the stairs to enjoy the landscape even more. From the top one of the best views of the city is obtained. Here is more information about this place.

The Museum of Archaeology and High Mountain MAAM

Facing the Plaza 9 de Julio is this cultural space that emerged after the discovery of three Inca children, better known as the Children of Llullaillaco. Check the list of the 5 unmissable museums in Salta.

The Craft Market

It is the country's oldest craft market, it was opened in 1968. There can be purchased throughout the province crafts such as basket weaving fabrics and pieces. You can visit this place in the City Tour by bus.

Empanadas salteñas

Although the visit is short, there is no excuse for not stopping to taste the typical and delicious "Empanadas". You can get more info about the best places in town here.

Tren a las Nubes

This journey of over 400 kilometers allows to know the best scenery in the valleys and highlands. During the journey it rises to 4200m crossing several bridges and viaducts. See the details here.


A classic night to learn more about the culture of the place are the peñas which combine good music with typical cuisine of the region. See this article for our recomendation: http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/blog/273-nightlife-salta-casona-del-molino.html


For sports and adventures lovers, Salta offer a big range of activities as Mountainbiking, Trekking, Horsebackridings among others. There is a new trekk that goes to the Cuesta del Obispo and Los Cardones National Park.