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Valles Calchaquíes: A must-see area of northern Argentina

The Arrows Gorge

One of the must-see areas of northern Argentina is the Calchaquíes Valleys. It is a space of over 500 kilometers long covering part of the provinces of Salta, Tucuman and Catamarca.
The Calchaquíes Valleys are characterized by mountain ranges for the production of wines of unique strains of high and great cultural wealth.

There are several villages that are part of the Calchaquíes Valleys, the tour to know this area of Northern Argentina can be done in three days or ten days, everything depends on the time available.
Among the must-sees of the Calchaquíes Valleys are ...


It is difficult to access but its captivating beauty and culture invited to make the effort. Among its main points to know is the town's main square and its church which is considered as National Heritage.
More info about this tour: http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/cachi.html


Cafayate attention in its many wineries, most of them recognized internationally. It is interesting to mention that the town of Cafayate is connected with the City of Salta directly through National Route 68. Also connected to Tucuman through the famous Route 40. 
More info about this tour: http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/cafayate.html

Amaicha del Valle

One of the most important events in Northern Argentina is the National Pachamama Festival which takes place in Amaicha del Valle, a community located about 2000 meters above sea level.
From here you can meet other sites, it is known destinations that can be half a day each as is the case of El Remate and Ampimpa.


They add to the list of items to discover within the region of the Valles Calchaquíes, Molinos, a quiet town that does not exceed one thousand inhabitants. Here can be seen ancient buildings of great historical value as a house located in the village access and ruins. There are also several wine estates invite you to learn more about the process of making the drink.
ypu can visit this point in the 2 days round to the Valleys: http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/calchaqui-valley.html