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Backpacking in Northern Argentina

Backpacking in northen Argentina

One of the best places for beginners in the world of backpacking trips is the North of Argentina, some say that is an initiatory rite that every adventurous traveler must meet ...

When to go?

The truth is that any season is a good opportunity to discover the landscapes of the North. Keep in mind that it is a region with a large temperature range, so if the idea is traveling with a tent, it is convenient to carry good coats and other elements necessary to make the stay more enjoyable as a good sleeping bag and insulation. Keep in mind that summer is rain season!
Traveling from one place to the other, you will have to choose between hitching a ride or using public transportation. For the latter, it is important to note that sometimes services can be spaced, so try to get your tickets in advance just in case. Carpooling is also quite common for taxis in the Argentine Northest and they will sometimes flash their lights to let you know you can hop on their vehicle with the other passengers.

What to wear?

If the idea is to know the North of Argentina as a good backpacker, it is essential to bring a tent. In most places, specially the touristic areas, you will find hostels. However, smaller towns are not used to receiving people from other places so carrying a tent is always a useful idea.
Good hiking boots are a must, urban footwear with flat soles are not suitable for this type of travel. Other items you cannot forget are sunglasses, a cap or a hat and a small first aid kit.
The Argentine North is a fantastic region to start a backpacking life, it is one of the cheapest areas across the country. Apart from all the different tours, activities and beautiful landscapes, the North has the advantage of being close to other Latin American countries, which makes it a great connection hub with other regions.