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Top 5 best empanadas in Salta City

Empanadas in Salta

A lot has been said and written about which Argentinian province has the best empanadas.
From the broad (sometimes TOO broad) variety of flavours in Buenos Aires, the ones they cook in Santiago del Estero, up to the ones from Tucuman (us conservatives say NO to raisins in the empanadas) and even the fried empanadas from Jujuy. However, it is widely agreed that the best Argentinian empanadas can be found in Salta.
Every empanada lover and taster has a favorite place for eating this delicious baked dough stuffed with beaf, chicken or cheese (the three flavors recognized by the empanadas fundamentalists).
You will find empanadas everywhere in Salta since every restaurant includes them in the menu as starters or as their specialty, some places deliver them anywhere and even people sell them in the streets as a way of living. If you’re interested in an empanada tour, you should pay attention to the following places.


Located in Zuviría 306, this restaurant offers great regional food. The interior walls are beautifully decorated with cartoons of famous local folclore musicians which give the place a really nice vibe. They have, without a doubt, one of the best empanadas in the city; beaf properly sliced with a knife and perfectly toasted dough. Apart from that, La Criollita offers humitas, tamales, locro and other delicious regional dishes and desserts such as goat cheese with cayote paste or sugar cane honey and a kind of cake full of dulce de leche known as “turrón salteño”. A great option, slightly more expensive than the average but totally worth it.


Only a few meters away from San Francisco church, in Cordoba 46, you’ll find Doña Salta, one of the top choices for tourists due to its location. The waiters are traditionally dressed as gauchos and the empanadas are great! Other options to keep in mind are the locro, different types of stew and the grill.


The most traditional folclore peña in town has also one of the most delicious empanadas. It is about 20 blocks away from the centre but definitely the best option if you want to experience a real peña, where locals go at night to eat, drink and listen to music, specially on Thursday night. The empanadas are truly the best dish in the menu (don’t forget about the wine!) and every night music fills the different rooms with the sound of guitars, drums and even violins.


In the last few years, there has been an area in town growing with bars and some restaurants that will eventually become the new Balcarce street, traditionally, the nightlife area. The “Paseo de los Poetas” is located in Gorriti and Alvarado and one of these restaurants, Cosa E’ Mandinga, offers a wide variety of wine and good deals for tasty empanadas and beer. A well decorated place with a great vibe that also has a nice rooftop to sit and enjoy dinner or a drink.


“The Empanada Courtyard” is a place surrounded by different stalls, ideal for you to buy one or two in each and have a real empanada tasting. It is located in San Martin and Esteco, near Valderrama (yet another famous folcore peña). The empanadas are slightly cheaper than in the other options and it has the charm of not being so touristic.