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North Andean Footprint


Do you know the Andean Footprint? You know that this proposed route is also found in the North?
The Andean Footprint is the first trail long haul of Argentina, this idea was born in Los Alerces National Park in the south of the country, but gradually to various regions and parts of the country ... was extending Argentine North with its colors ranging from red to green also invited to enjoy this proposal.

The starting point of the Andean Footprint North is in the Quebrada de Humahuaca from there the heights rise and fall again until reaching the Calilegua National Park. It is a path that has its demands but worth cross it with all your senses to learn more about the ancient civilization which merged with the Hispanic and gave fruit in a mixed land forever.
The stone stairs built by the Incas remain still firm, his steps lead from the tinted ocher landscape of the highlands to the green of the Yungas.

There are several connections and sections, such as the section from San Francisco to Calilegua National Park. To make this route, the starting point is the town of San Francisco (it is a picturesque village from which you can learn about the life of the valleys, with their crops, herdsmen, besides appreciating the mountains and to thermal excursions) taking Provincial route 83 which leads to Calilegua National Park. Some facts to consider: the distance to the access cover is 18 km and 27 km to the point where the local branch of Ranger Mesada Colony is. There a day-use area and about 13 kilometers below the Aguas Negras is located is located, there exists an organized camping proveeduría, is a place where you can sleep. If the idea is to continue the tour to enjoy more of the Andean Footprint, about 3 kilometers away is the stage of the path of the Junta San Lorenzo, is an unforgettable experience that leads to the heart of the Yunga.

The Andean Footprint in the North aims to discover and enjoy the scenery from the Puna to the Yungas Would you like to do it?