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6 landscapes that you can not miss on your trip to Northern Argentina

Recta de Tin Tin in Salta

The province of Salta offers a lot of places and activities to do. Here are six proposals, six landscapes and places to visit, some of them better known and others not so much, all invited to connect with nature and enjoy magnificent postcards.

The Valle Encantado

This is a place where shapes and natural colors of striking contrasts are combined. You can be seen on this site a small lagoon and cave paintings inside caves and overhangs. It is also a place where you can see the Andean Condor. To see this place, you can take a tour to Cachi.

The Quebrada del Toro

In this site you can see the contrast between the red and green tones. A few kilometers west of Campo Quijano the landscape of the Quebrada del Toro is drawn, it is a tear in the stone, a failure of the crust. You can explore this canyon by bike, taking the bike tour "Bull Circuit".

Provincial Reserve Las Palmeras

This protected area was created in 1979 to preserve a forest population consisting of quebrachos trees and palm groves. His path is difficult to access during the months of higher rainfall, ranging from December to May. There are no organized tours in this remote area.

Nevado de Cachi

One of the most important mountain systems in the province of Salta is the Nevado de Cachi, which is located in the Eastern Andes range. It is a popular destination for mountain lovers.
As you go along Route 33 can be seen the landscape of the Nevado de Cachi with all its summits, and in the town of Cachi enjoying fully the imposing mountain.

The Recta of Tin Tin

One of the emblems of northern Argentina is the Straight or "Recta" de Tintin, it is a perfect straight line 18 kilometers long which is about 3000 meters above sea level. As discussed, the line was the work of the first settlers of this land. Today it is a must walk place where you can see a lot of giant cactuses or "Cardones". To visit this place, you can also take a day trip to Cachi

The Salar de Arizaro

The department Los Andes and the Puna of Argentina is the largest salt flat Salar de Arizaro with its 1500 square kilometers is a very rich in salt, iron, onyx, marble and copper. This important salar is located between the villages of Tolar Grande and Caipe. This is the biggest salt lake in the Puna Argentina and the third largest in the Andes. You can contact us for the organization of an special tour to Tolar Grande.