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Street and low budget food in Salta

Street Food in Salta

We Argentinians may not be the biggest street food consumers like in other countries but Salta has many interesting offers for the low budget traveler who wishes to fill the stomach quickly and continue discovering the city. Throughout the country, and specially in the Northwest, the sandwich de milanesa (breaded meat, similar to a schnitzel) is king among kings (they even have a monument for it in Tucumán!). The sandwich stalls are the ones that rule the street food business in the city of Salta; these paradises for us the guilt-free fatties offer a variety of delicacies between two pieces of bread: lomitos (a thin piece of either beaf or pork), hamburguers, patinesa (a breaded hamburguer), milanesa (beaf or chicken), matambre and of course the always present hot dogs (in their cool, long and delicious version; superpancho).
Let's analyse some of the best options:


This stall is located in the corner of Salta's parliament building, in the corner of Mitre and Rivadavia. You can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful constructions in the city or hang out in the park in front of it while you eat a delicious hamburger or lomito with 3 or 4 sauces (the locals may even go with 5 or 6) and a cold drink. They don't include french fries which could be a dealbreaker for some but the attention and quality of the sandwiches will never let you down.


The self-proclaimed "best sandwiches in Argentina" have been around Salta for many years now. The owner, Don David, is still working there from time to time and has always been concerned with giving something back to the society, a good example is the "Night of the pilgrim" which he holds every year in September to help and feed people who walk for days to arrive to the city for the Miracle procession. The bread used here cannot be defeated. Ask for the special "milanesa napolitana" sandwich (with tomato sauce and melted cheese) and you won't regret it! Adress: Mitre 389


When the owners of this butcher's realized they were missing a piece in their bussiness model, they opened a sandwich shop next to it. Located in the corner of Zuviría and Rivadavia, they offer all the classic sandwiches (the pork versions here are a sure shot!) complete with tomato, lettuce, ham, cheese and egg. In adittion, they also include everyone's favorite french fries.


A Salta's nightlife cult classic. Not a single local can say he hasn't ended a night of party in Balcarce street having a hot dog or hamburger in here before going to bed. The quality of sandwiches is superb and, even though they don't include fries, it's a good spot to hang out with locals.


Not everything is sandwiches around Salta, hot dogs are the specialty of the house in this tiny shop (it´s almost a window, but you won’t miss it, next to New Time cafè) right in front of the main square (Mitre and Caseros). They have plenty of toppings and sauces to add over your "superpancho" and a top quality bread!


Empanadas are by far the most typical dish in Salta. This place has been selling them for over 60 years and it pretty much looks the same, run by the same people and only a few steps from the Cabildo (Caseros 509). Beaf, chicken or cheese empanadas (of course, with some Salta beer too) are a great option for taking a good half an hour in a place that looks like it is frozen in time.


If you feel like walking a little more and go to an actual place where they don´t expect tourists, you should try this place. A decently big menu with large dishes and most of them can even be shared with someone else. Tables are expected to be shared for both lunch and dinner with the rest of the clients in this wallet-friendly “bodegón”.