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Slow travel: a trend that you should know

Slow Travel

The movement and philosophy for Slow Travel has began in the eighties as a reaction to a pace of life. This philosophy moved to different spheres of life, including tourism-. Today, more and more people are looking for travel by this way, which avoids stress, and allow communication with the locals sought besides to be part of their customs.

This is similar to the style of backpackers who choose to visit a town or area by discovering, integrating, knowing thoroughly unhurried.

Another key to the philosophy of slow travel, is to defend diversity in customs, cuisine and folklore, rejecting extended American lifestyle that manifests itself in the fast food restaurants in the uniformized clothing and fashion malls where there is consumption.

Among the advantages of the mode "slow travel" are: participate in local activities such as rocks, small festivals, local festivals and the ability to create its own map hearing the views of local.

How to "go slow"?

The first step is to choose a destination that is viable to meet during our holiday so we avoid the pressure of having to go back and forth for fear miss something. It is essential not marked schedules too tight.

The best mode of transportation is to go overland, so we become aware of the distance and the speed of air transportation destroys geography, shortening and preventing us to enjoy it.

As for accommodation, instead of staying in large hotels, it is best to stay in family homes where you can meet local customs and be dealing with the locals. Another option is to stop at small accommodations managed by its owners to have a more personalized touch. Besides this way you can enjoy homemade breakfast and homemade dishes. In Salta city, we reccomend Las Rejas Hostel

If what you want is to live the "slow travel" in depth, alternative even better than the previous ones is renting an apartment in order to experience the lifestyle of the place in person, going to the supermarket, cooking with local ingredients, making errands.

Of course when it comes to eating out, the ideal is to avoid fast food chains or restaurants where international dishes and inclined to houses where they can enjoy regional food.