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Camping in Northwest Argentina

Salta Campground

An experience to enjoy a holiday in touch with nature, lying is to go camping. In Argentina there are more than two thousand campsites throughout the country and many of them are in the North of Argentina.

In addition to natural environments and finding tranquility another reason for choosing a site is to be a very economical option in Salta for example, have an average value of $ 50 per day and most of them have all amenities like swiming pool and grills. Among the most visited by travelers who choose this mode places are the destinations of Cafayate, Molinos and Cachi.

What to wear?

For a holiday in tents ideally go well prepared. The main thing is the tent, should not have any, it is advisable to buy those that are igloo as they are much lighter and take up less space, so be especially comfortable for those wishing to visit more than one destination.

When choosing the backpack it is best to get one that corresponds to our physical body, which is anatomically and adjustable. When walking is suitable hold well.
As for the sleeping bag, to choose it must take into account the temperature of destination. In the case of Northern Argentina we must remember that at night the temperature drops several degrees. A good barrier against cold and moisture of the soil is the insulation of aluminum, the thicker it will be more comfortable.

Of course you can not miss a stove and facilities for making food with pots, frying pan, plates, cups and cutlery. Other items that may be useful are the lanterns and hygiene items.
Some tips and advice ... When preparing carp key must not forget one thing: remove the stones and branches, that is prepare the ground to be as comfortable as possible at bedtime.

Another suggestion to consider is planning clothing depending on climatic conditions (not a bad idea to check the forecast a few days before) to not wear clothes more or less. It is essential to choose comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.

When thinking about what we eat, it should be noted that no refrigerator, so the takeaway should be canned, another option is to pre-determine whether the site has pantry or there around somewhere where you can buy.