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Family vacation in Northern Argentina

Family Vacations

Are you going to travel with the family to Northern Argentina? Receive what activities and tours that you can share with the children...

One alternative for the entire family and especially smaller is to visit the Museum of Vine and Wine of Cafayate. There are performed various activities for children under the slogan "Knowing museums: art game", they are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the province. These activities include playing with giant puzzles, coloring on the Museum of Contemporary Art, besides enjoying a puppet show and a workshop of masks. You can visit Cafayate taking the daily day-tour.
Another interesting game for children is the "tasting grape juice", it is an entertainment that children should identify the parts of the cluster and grapes, and identify their shapes, flavors and colors. In addition to those activities, the development of different types of grape juice with its corresponding tasting so they can meet all varieties. It is important to note that all these activities are free.

For its part Tucuman province also proposes captive children to enjoy activities such as Ampimpa Observatory where various educational and recreational activities are performed.

If there is a must given for the whole family, especially with children it is to take a train ride that rises at 4200 meters, the famous Train to the Clouds. The train has dedicated children's entertainment, medical office and a dining car, all you need to spend a single day. See more info about this train here: http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/train-to-the-clouds.html

If you go by car to the North of Argentina, an ideal stop you will probably be at least one day in Termas de Rio Hondo in the province of Santiago del Estero. It is a perfect break to shorten the journey to the Deep North. In this town there are several hotels and resort where activities and entertainment for children are offered. Also in the area are given the opportunity to enjoy water sports and hiking for the whole family.

Finally, some recommendations when traveling with children are: combine the days of tours with days off in the hotel pool or in a square, children do not usually withstand long hours of consecutive trips; bring supplies both entertainment and food as snacks and drinks.