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Very calm places for a well deserved holiday in Northwest Argentina

Estancia in the Calchaqui Valley

Escape from the city, leaving the routine, to lock only the concerns and devote the time to think about everything that we like and make us forget what the rest of the year we really do is vacation! To find out where to relax and spend a relaxing holiday we suggest you read this list of places stress Argentine North ...


This town in the province of Jujuy eventually became one of the main towns in the Quebrada de Humahuaca and was perhaps one of the most transformations suffered, nevertheless village spirit remains intact. There you can enjoy the quality of the hotel and the peaceful atmosphere. The main attraction here is do the walk of Los Colorados where they can appreciate the colors of the hills.


If other places stress is unavoidable proposal is Molinos, a town framed by the landscape of the Calchaquíes Valleys. It is part of the pristine landscape of adobe houses with their traditional facades, which remain intact over time. Molinos is an ideal place to spend a few days off and incidentally make a stop along the way of the Valleys site.


The fate of the province of Salta is located between the landscape of the Quebrada and yunga, besides being a place to rest is also a site worth discovering. The cellular signal is often weak and sleeping at the moment there is only one place, but is an ideal choice if it is disconnected. In this quiet village it is said that no thefts and most striking is the place order. You can access from the neighboring province of Jujuy. One of its main attractions is the fact reach, the route is accompanied by multi-colored majestic hills and towering heights. You can admire the shepherds tending their sheep and several staircases that go up and down by drawing a people inclined.


South of the town of Cafayate in Salta province is Tolombón in what would be an extension of the apex of the Calchaquíes Valleys. The village lies on the famous Route 40. There are ruins there that belonged to a diaguita enclave and were declared a Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Nation. Additionally you can use the visit to the town to sample wine is a new wine Tolombón focus begins to conquer an entire identity.