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Long trips: what to wear and how to organize

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When it comes to traveling for business, vacation or just social obligations, it is always necessary to be comfortable, especially when it comes to travel long hours and whether we will be several days away from our house. We present some keys and tips for traveling in comfort:

The first thing to consider is to prepare a handbag with coat. If we are to travel at night it is necessary to take special care with this as we usually get colder during a daytime flight. It may be a good idea to bring a blanket coat and travel or thick socks.

Of course we must not forget to travel comfortable, lightweight slippers or shoes and clothes that are not too tight and that after a few hours will make us feel uncomfortable.
It also take some snacks, drinks, candies which could be stored in the handbag necessary.

To travel comfortable is necessary to have the elements to higienizarnos as a hand towel, toothbrush, some deodorant and perfume, whenever this is possible as some airlines prohibit having such items on hand, but on collective or travel car can take.

If you are going to be several days away from your house without our wardrobe without accessories, footwear and clothing will be essential to anticipate the needs that we will have during these days. To do the first thing to think about is the type of destination, the state of time on site and the activities we do. Another issue to pay attention to is the type of accommodation where we will staying, if such need stopped at a camping sleeping bags, cooking utensils among others, while stopped at a hotel if these things are not necessary.

We calculate the clothes in terms of activities, it is wise to choose clothes that combine together both shoes as accessories.
At the time of preparing the bag we can consider some tips for better organization of clothes and accessories and optimize space, for example by placing stockings, accessories and belts inside the shoes, putting the fragile things from clothing to prevent break, etc. Value items such as technology, money and cards are convenient to keep in your handbag or purse.