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An express visit to Salta

Quick visit to Salta City

Is it possible to meet all the most beautiful city in a short time? The truth is that the city of Salta has a lot of tourist attractions, plenty to do and plenty to see, can be known in several days (this being the ideal choice and can also enjoy their surroundings) or so can be known fast.

What to see in Salta in an expres visit?

If time is short you should ideally go those inescapable parts of the city such as the Plaza 9 de Julio, the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco and San Bernardo Convent. Out to complete the visit to the city of Salta another point to make it is the Cerro San Bernardo can be obtained at a magnificent view of the city while taking advantage of a cable car ride. From the Ministry of Tourism "La Linda" walking tours where the main attractions are visited, in addition to those mentioned above, the circuit also intends to visit the Archaeological Museum of High Mountain where the bodies of the children are offered Llullaillaco and the American Cultural Center.

If more time, such as a weekend, can be added other activities, as part of night clubs where besides enjoying the typical music of the place you can taste the dishes and regional dishes such as empanadas and tamales.

Other rides that can be added to an express trip is to live the unique experience in the world to ride the Train to the Clouds, one of the three highest trains in the world through striking mountains of the Andes and reveals Lerma Valley, the Quebrada del Toro and reach the Puna.

If time is short, we suggest choose to know some of the landmarks of Northern Argentina as in the case of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, which can be known by a full day tour or the excursion that combines two main points: Puna and Salinas. It is important to note that both trips can be made starting from the city of Salta.

In resume, if it is the case of having only one day you should ideally know the main attractions of the city and if there is time in the evening to enjoy some of the peñas. If time travel is a weekend, or two nights and three days, you should ideally devote a day to get to know the city and then opt for a full day or take advantage and spend a day strolling Train to the Clouds.