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Tips for going on holiday

Holidays in Northen Argentina

It comes the most awaited moment of the year: the holidays. To make the most of these free days is useful to consider some details to avoid complications, loss of time and pass your best.

Prepare all necessary documentation. It is essential to wear ID, green card on behalf of the driver or blue on behalf of the person authorized to drive in case of car rental travel itself like to receive a patent last day, compulsory insurance and wafer test engineering vehicle. Of course it will also be necessary to carry driving license. You must perform a technical inspection of the vehicle before leaving.

If traveling without a vehicle, we should first find out the tickets and schedules for better organization. Otherwise, it is further recommended that the person responsible for driving goes well rested.
While it is not absolutely necessary to plan everything and not leave anything to chance, not bad previously find out the excursions to be made in every city we visit in order to better calculate the number of days that will be in each destination. In this way we would avoid miss a trip for lack of time.

It is also wise to choose a travel agency that is reliable, to do this simply check that the agency has a file number in the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation (our file number is 1389) . We can verify this information by accessing the website of the Ministry.

The same applies to the property, it is preferable to verify what will staying establishment in order to reserve, especially if the trip will be during high season or long weekend (see here our suggestion).
Regarding luggage and objects, we must say that it is useful to determine in advance the climatic conditions, what footwear / clothing need for excursions, etc. If traveling by private car is advisable so evenly distribute weight, putting it in the trunk elements that are heavier. Avoid traveling with loose things in the car. We must remember that a good way to organize is to list everything you will need on the trip to go getting all with time and also avoid wearing things that we will not use.

For those traveling with pets will be an extra task previously find lodgings that accept pets as not all do.