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Salinas Grandes, a place to enjoy both day and night

Salt Flats in Jujuy

Salinas Grandes are a huge white desert located about 400 meters above the sea level. This striking white expanse is in the province of Jujuy. The name "Grande (Big)" is because it is the third largest salt lake in South America, it covers more than 12 hectares. In this immensity only live artisans working to offer salt carved with picks and axes crafts.

Access is relatively easy, it is important to remember that if you do alone is particularly important to load enough fuel, food and light wear shoes.
Another option is to visit the Salar from the neighboring province of Salta. From its capital city you can take a trip to meet it.

The immense jujeño salt is not only a landscape to enjoy during the day, but at night is also a great place to visit especially if what you want is to see related to astronomy as the recent meteor shower events. The Salinas was an ideal scenario where you could see the phenomenon known as the Geminid meteor shower which was noticeable to the naked eye without using telescopes. The solitude of the Salar is the ideal place to appreciate this phenomenon by the absence of stage lights.

Another phenomenon that was seen in Las Salinas was the total eclipse that left a reddish color to the moon, leading to another surprising nature scene.

They add to the curiosities of this site, its small ridges that form rhomboid figures on the ground as a result of the wind and the fact that at night can see the rays fall on the horizon and above one infinite stars they fade into the blue sky.

If you did not have a chance to see any of these phenomena, it is not a matter of worry as any night of the year is a new to enjoy looking at the sky and see hundreds of stars in the absence of lights chance. Yes, it is important to remember that the night comes with the cold, so it is necessary to take shelter to enjoy the stars. The best place for silence at night.