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Christmas in Northern Argentina

Christmas in Northen Argentina

Spend Christmas and the holidays in a different place than usual, away from home, it can be a very interesting and original proposal. If you are thinking of a different party, then we tell you how this special time of year you live in Northern Argentina.


One of the destinations that comes as a good choice for Christmas is the city of Salta. Remember that any time of year is a good time to travel to this destination because of its average annual temperature of 22 ° C.

Christmas and New Year are celebrated with much joy in northern Argentina, it is part of the Christmas Salta proposals for an event that takes place every year known as the "Christmas City", which presents one of the cribs greatest living country and throughout Latin America. This work usually develops in the Cerro Captain west of the city of Salta. Due to its characteristics this show of interest was declared by the governments of Argentina, the Province and Municipality.

This year adds to the holiday proposed an exhibition of flowers and plants, the idea is to encourage local flowers add to holiday decor. Garlands, trees and centerpieces made with natural flowers are part of this initiative.

Nativity presented throughout the Northern Argentine ancient religious traditions as the presentation of cribs and worship in honor of the Child Jesus. Throughout the entire Puna several public cribs which are developed in the courts of the churches within the same and can be seen in the streets.

They are part of the traditions of the north of the country dances and carols. In this region, the worship is given by different choreographic expressions Children dedicated to God. Among the most representative dances the dance of the tapes or braided stands. Accompanied by music are twisted and untwisted ribbons around a pole while carols are sung.
In some villages in the province of Jujuy, celebrations around the birth of the Child Jesus often continue until the first half of January inclusive.

Of course the trip to northern Argentina can also be used to enjoy its many walks and scenery.