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What to see and do in Cachi?

Dry peppers in the sun

One of the must-see spots in northern Argentina is the town of Cachi. In Quechua language it means Sal, now cannot explain why the name, but it is believed that there was a mineral deposit in pre-Hispanic times. It is also said that in Atacama word means "Valle Hermoso" without doubt it is.

The town of Cachi lies between the confluence of the rivers Cachi and Calchaquí at Valleys Calchaquíes. They call attention to their old houses and the parish church which was built in the eighteenth century. To learn more about the history of this town, a good option is to visit the Anthropological Museum where there are objects that belonged to the pre-Columbian civilizations. Importantly, the village of Cachi by its characteristics was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Cachi attractions

One of the most representative postcards is the Iglesia San José, which retains its old structure of adobe walls with ease and smooth walls. Its roof is made of cactus wood. Instead of having a tower, it has three striking bells. It is one of the most representative parishes of the area; it was declared a National Historic Landmark.
In the central part of town is called the Main Plaza 9 de Julio, it is striking for its thoroughness, for its large number of trees and the stones that adorn it. Opposite her is the handicraft market where you can buy local products such as tissues of good quality work in wood, metal, ceramics; and other regional products.

As for the Anthropological Museum, which is not advisable to leave to visit, it is located next to the church in a house that was built in 1920 with a neo-gothic gallery. There may be a didactic show which was organized by archaeologists in the seventies. The museum collection consists of more than 5000 pieces found in the area, which lets us know more about the customs of those who inhabited this region.
Following the list of landmarks of Cachi, is the Nevado - also known as Sierra de Cachi, is the highest mountain in the region of Valles Calchaquíes.
One of the most amazing roads of northern Argentina is the Cuesta del Obispo, a winding mountain road that allows knowing a sample of tall grassland landscape.
Passing the famous line of Tin Tin is possible to reach the Los Cardones National Park where we see the typical vegetation of the area. In addition, in the park are paleontological remains as dinosaur footprints which are studied by scientists. It can also be seen old paintings.

Cachi is a town that offers activities ... Enjoy its landscapes and old buildings, bike rides, trekking among other options.

To enjoy this beatifull town, you can take a day tour to Cachi.