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Summer in Salta

Cabra Corral Lake

Summer holidays are an ideal opportunity to travel and relax. Did you think of Salta? Although in the imaginary one thinks that "La Linda" is not for the summer destination, the truth is that you can visit at any time of year, even in summer.

Besides its scenic gorges, archaeological sites and a striking and attractive architecture, Salta also has several places to enjoy the summer as a reservoir where you can do outdoor activities and water sports, and other water mirrors and proposals to have fun during the warm nights.

The busiest place during summers in Salta is the nearby reservoir Cabra Corral. The tropical climate of the region gives it an exotic style despite being located in the middle of Los Andes making it very striking beach. It is important to mention one of the largest reservoirs in the country where you can take boat rides, water skiing among other sports. On this site you will find an entertainment complex with a water slide that is over 20 meters high. Of course in the surrounding area there are good hotels and places where you can camp.

Another alternative for the summer is to visit San Lorenzo, it is a tourist village located just 14 kilometers from the capital of Salta. This town is located on the creek of the same name surrounded by rich vegetation and a picturesque landscape along the San Lorenzo River.

In addition to the proposed summer, visit the Oath River where you can go rafting and Dique Potrero Diaz, a small reservoir with a water mirror. In this Dique various activities such as bungy jumping, trekking, water sports besides cycling around to enjoy the scenery can be performed.

For evening one of the best options is to go out to some of the clubs where interesting art shows are offered and you can learn more about the culture and customs of the city. Most of the rocks are on Calle Balcarce. During the summer months they are usually placed tables and chairs on the sidewalk to enjoy pleasant temperatures.