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What to see and do in the province of Catamarca

Cuesta del Portezuelo

In the region known as "Norte Grande" of the country is the province of Catamarca, not a very popular province among the geographic itineraries, but worth visiting to soak in its diverse and striking landscapes ... In the West and in the North Catamarca is dominated by mountains and ravines become valleys; while to the southeast of the province they draw attention to the pampa saws and large green spaces.


One of the main tourist attractions of the province are the ways of slopes, ideal for those who like to drive through winding roads. One of the most famous slopes of the province is called Cuesta del Portezuelo, it is a twenty-kilometer winding route that reaches an altitude 1680 meters above sea level.

Add to the tourist attractions of the province of Norte Grande, the so-called Route of the Seismiles, is a winding road that is steadily rising, as it makes the journey may be several postcards that are striking in their colors and for its desert appearance. The name is because it is a set of fourteen mountains over six thousand meters located to the west of the province.

One of the main tourist centers of Catamarca is its capital city, the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca with outstanding handicraft production, the most important being the manufacture of carpets.
Another place to visit on a tour or to stay a few days is Antofagasta de la Sierra, located in the area belonging to the Catamarca Puna. From this village it can be made several trips such as visiting the Laguna Blanca Provincial Nature Reserve, an ideal place for ecotourism-related activities such as wildlife watching and photographic safaris protected space. Other trips that can be made from Antofagasta are to know the desolate Salar del Hombre Muerto, is a depression of height that forms a salt deposit; and visit the Antofalla Volcano, with more than 6000 meters, it ranks as the third highest of all active volcanoes in the world.

The archaeological site of Santa Maria Valley adds to the tourist proposals of the province of Catamarca. It is characterized by being one of the most important centers of archaeological research of Argentina by the large number of Aboriginal cultural events that can be seen there.