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Salta cultural city

Eulogia Tapia

In Salta there are several institutions where the letters, painting, sculpture, dance, music and other artistic expressions are grown. There are also several tourist offers and places to go for those interested in enjoying this cultural city ...

It was the mid-twentieth century when it began to emerge an interesting literary movement with famous writers and poets, it may also highlighted the exists of several musicians and groups like the Salteño Duo, The Chalets and the Nocheros.

Another cultural expressions of the music scene in the city of Salta Salta Symphony Orchestra. Also add to the cultural attractions of "La Linda", the American Cultural Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art, these two buildings are located opposite the main square. They stand to offer a varied and extensive calendar of exhibitions of artists and other events throughout the year.
Other museum to visit is the Archaeological Museum of High Mountain, also located off the central square. What stands out most about this museum is three frozen Inca children from some 500 years ago in perfect condition which were found in the Llullaillaco Volcano.

Salta also invited to enjoy various groups and puppet theaters. It is noteworthy that the city excels in the field of film art with an outstanding crop of young directors. Independent art spaces are another way to discover in the Art Gallery.

Perhaps one of the best times of year to fully enjoy culture is the anniversary of the founding of the city of Salta during the month of April, when the Cultural April Salteño is organized, are part of this important event exhibitions Art, concerts, literary evenings and other important events. It is also important to note that the type of climate that has Salta, any season and time of year is an ideal base for a trip and enjoy their culture and other proposed opportunity.
Throughout the year the city of Salta invites you to enjoy an important cultural calendar, the religious spirit is combined with music, dance, rituals and traditions as well as places where you can learn more Salta culture. You can visit museums, learn about cultural diversity, visiting markets, craft shows and folk clubs.