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Another Puna, other proposals

Tolar Grande

A journey through the roads of the Puna means accepting that you must travel on a different reality and probably very different and distant from your own ...
Perhaps one of the plus invites to these exploration and travel is to know a different culture while enjoying magnificent landscapes, some say that the spectacular landscapes that are without the people who live there seem incomplete.

The Argentine North is a region to meet on several trips. You can take advantage of knowing the traditional cards, but do not forget that you can go back several times to meet the other Puna and other proposals:

There are several hidden villages to learn as the people called Abdon Castro Tolay, even by locals is best known as Barrancas, referring to geography close a Municipal Archaeological Reserve covering a striking canyon formed by the river of the same name. There you can see a lot of petroglyphs and rock paintings over a thousand. The tour invites see vicunas, pastors and adobe houses. You can also see llamas, orchards corn and potatoes.

Following the proposals, another idea is to go to Susques to meet the third oldest church which is still standing. It's really beautiful on the outside, was built in 1598 using adobe.

There is a town called Olaroz Chico walking eager to join the North Argentine tourist proposals, it is a mining town. The project exists in place to improve the way and then get a suitable person to do guide the place.

Jujuy version of Moon Valley is another place to discover Northern Argentina. It is a geological formation that is notable for its colors ranging from bright red to crimson red, with layers of yellow, orange, white and brown .. It is located very near the border with Bolivia between the towns of Liviara and Cusi Cusi.
Cusi Cusi is a town that is very close to the town of Abra Pampa, about 350 kilometers from San Salvador de Jujuy.

Another option is to visit the largest salt the Argentina Puna, ie, the Salar de Arizano. This natural area is framed by towering volcanoes and draws attention to present himself as a plain of salt amidst the arid Puna, an area where there is almost no vegetation.

Some recommendations ...

The best time to venture out on these roads in the Puna is April, May and November. It is advisable to plan a tour for the summer months as the rain complicates access.
It is recommended to taste the candied walnuts stuffed with caramel and covered with fondant.