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Enjoy nature in Salta

Salta Nature

Salta has several natural areas that are ideal to enjoy and take advantage at any time of year, especially in the spring months for picnics.
In Salta there are several parks such as the Parque San Martin and the famous Cerro San Bernardo from where it can be obtained an amazing view of the city. But there are interesting proposals around Salta ...


La Caldera

La Caldera is an ideal place to enjoy nature, is known as the "green city" because of its dense and varied vegetation. It is crossed by a place ideal for those looking to spend an afternoon or a time in contact with nature rivers. To get to the boiler must take Route 9.
5 kilometers from the village of La Caldera is Dique Campo Alegre, an artificial lake used for sports activities.
An important fact about this village is that every year in March is celebrated one of the most important folkloric events of Argentina.

San Lorenzo

This village is located west of the city of Salta, there are two ways to get there: from the Avenida Perón or the Lesser path should start from the north. The traditional tour featuring San Lorenzo is La Quebrada, but there are many other proposals such as harness the landscape for trekking and mountain biking, take mates or why not a picnic. Among the most recommended points of San Lorenzo is La Quebrada La Toma, because from here besides walking can be seen from the top all the Valle de Lerma.
San Lorenzo also has attractive buildings belonging to the nineteenth century, the Castillo de San Lorenzo stands, other places to visit are the Church and the Museo del Gaucho.

Campo Quijano

This site is very close to the city of Salta, about 30 kilometers. Campo Quijano always had a more rural development type.
Campo Quijano is flat Valle de Lerma, you can be seen at the site several farms and ancient buildings which coexist with modern houses that still preserve the colonial style. The town is crossed by several rivers and is also surrounded by hills which are ideal for trekking or to improvise some outdoor activity.