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The Fiesta del Milagro, one more reason to visit Salta

Salta Miracle Celebration

Salta is surprising for its tourist options and proposals ... These days, the city was filled with thousands of pilgrims and tourists interested in celebrating the Feast of the Miracle.
It is a celebration that is about 300 years and attracts pilgrims and tourists who travel from nearby towns such as Valle de Lerma and peoples who are close to the border with Bolivia, at the same time attracts travelers and Pilgrims travel long distances to join this event, as in the case of those moving from Comodoro Rivadavia.

There are several ways to get there, who move on foot, others on horseback, are also groups of cyclists who take the opportunity to ride, also in buses and private vehicles. Whatever the means chosen, all paths converge and come together at the Plaza July 9 to enter the Cathedral of Salta and visit the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle.
The reason for the pilgrimage is to make an offering to the Patron Saints, pilgrims flock en masse to the Cathedral to pray to the Virgin of the Miracle. These activities begin on September 6. A week in the presence of bishops from Argentina, the coronation takes place the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle also the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin of the Miracle is performed. Also it performed at this time the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

A little history

According to tradition they say a fray sent from Spain a saint Christ to give to the Church in the province of Salta. The image floated in a drawer at the port of Peru side by side corresponding to the Virgen del Rosario image.
It is in the El Callao port in the country of Peru, where it first occurs ... The townspeople watched drawers floating on the water and found the two images. Never any information on the vessel or the crew that brought it emerged. Once the procession reached the province of Salta, the image of Christ stood at the Altar of Souls. Time passed, the story goes, about 100 years and the Christ was completely forgotten. In September 1692 several earthquakes occurred in the city of Esteco, a city that was destroyed, but obvious signs of protection were noted throughout the city of Salta. Puzzled people went to the square, some argue that the image of the observed fall in supplication Virgin. At this time, Father Carrion felt that while not sacase procession left the Holy Christ would not stop earthquakes. With some difficulty the image down and rang the bells to call the first procession where a crowd cried for mercy tremors calmed down and it was. Among those first men and women who participated in the procession, Christ and the Virgin a covenant of faithfulness, a covenant that is renewed every year in the city of Salta sealed. The procession takes place every year, Christ and the Virgin after the renewal of the Covenant of Fidelity return to the Cathedral, before they enter a shower of petals of white, red and pink to the beat of the bells and carnations occurs handkerchiefs of the faithful who are fired.

If you have not participated in the Feast of the Miracle, you prune joining the event on Saturday 20 at the Mass of thanksgiving.