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Religious tourism in Salta


The province of Salta is attractive to tourists for its scenery, for their hospitality and for their different tourism alternatives. In this area of the country can be enjoyed adventure tourism in spectacular scenery, gastronomic tourism and homemade dishes typical testing as well as alternatives such as religious tourism. The people of this land is characterized by spirituality and faith, proof of this are the many temples, churches and chapels that are distributed in every corner of Salta.


Important events

One of the most important and recommended event for those who enjoy religious tourism is the Procesión del Señor y la Virgen del Milagro, it is a very important act of faith that calls for more than 600,000 people.

Easter in Salta

If there is a special time of year where religion and belief is highlighted during Easter. During this special day, there are various events such as the Via Crucis. One of the most significant is the Seclantás in this event more than 100 people involved in scene. Performances are also offered in the towns of Cachi and San Carlos.
Liturgical celebrations taking place in the city of Salta Capital, are similar to those of Spain. Another outstanding representation is taking place in Chicoana recreated in a natural environment, inviting more than 2000 people between tourists and locals.

The Pachamama

A very significant and important tribute of this region is the ceremony to Pachamama or Mother Earth, it is an ancient Aboriginal custom that came to our days and continues to be celebrated with the same fervor. It is a moment that the people elect to thank for all what the earth provides. Year after year this ancient ritual is celebrated both in private homes and in public places. The ceremony ends with the digging of a well in the land of spirits, locro, corn, squash, snuff and all those things that are turning the land provides.

Visit Churches and Temples

In Salta you can visit several churches and temples such as the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco which was declared a National Historic Landmark. The temple has a small museum and a historical library and archive editions of great value.