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Some "must do" mountain roads in Northen Argentina

 Cuesta del Obispo

The roads are not always boring, often as is in the case of northern Argentina are a promise of adventure. If you are thinking of making a trip where the road is not only a tedious journey, but a stunning landscape to enjoy, any of the following ways costs can be an ideal choice for your next trip...

Cuesta del Portezuelo

This is an ideal way for adventurers and travelers ledge outside the vertigo. This path connects the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca with several departments and towns such as Ancasti, La Paz, El Alto and Santa Rosa.
This route begins a few kilometers from the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca where the RN 38 connects with the RP 2 and climbs a few kilometers of a steep, winding slope to reach a peak that reaches 1680 meters in height. From the top you can get stunning panoramic views.

Cuesta del Obispo

This road joins Salta Cachi, it is a journey that often scare motorists inexperienced in the ways of costs, but is ideal for those who dare to cross it ride. There are several recommended in this way as the Los Cardones National Park and later you can tour the famous Tin Tin straight stops. If you want to make this journey in the summer it is recommended to make inquiries beforehand since landslides can cause temporary closures of routes.

Quebrada de Los Sosa

The road to Quebrada de Los Sosa has its way from the city of San Miguel de Tucuman to Tafi del Valle. During the tour you can see reeds and stunning scenery of the subtropical jungle of Yungas, alder forests and meadows. You can stop at several interesting points as the Indian Monument, a very cool place with a small waterfall known as the refrigerator and the curve of the end of the world. The latter is not suggested for those suffering from vertigo but for adventurous travelers.

Quebrada de Las Conchas

La Quebrada de Las Conchas is located on the outskirts of Cafayate, this natural setting that has been featured in several films has several inescapable points as the Devil's Throat, the Amphitheater and Los Medanos. The latter is a lesser known point, it is a scene of striking dunes.