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Amazing places in Northern Argentina

Brealito Lagoon

We present other Northern Argentina as fantastic as the familiar. It is an Argentinean North that invites you to enjoy culture, striking landforms and landscapes of lagoons and salt flats and many other options. They are postcards to those who are looking for something different, for those who have already made a trip to northern Argentina and want to continue surprising ...

Laguna Brealito

It is a mirror of water located 16 kilometers from Seclantás. On the way to the Laguna de Brealito you can see the best cacti in northern Argentina. To the side of National Route 40, this Laguna is striking for their color, sometimes blue and sometimes emerald green.

Dunes on the outskirts of Cafayate

Besides the famous Torrontés wine and geomorphological structures of the Devil's Throat, Cafayate offers visitors the chance to meet a landscape of dunes. In whole Valles Calchaquíes and surrounded by hills are the Dunes.


You can contemplate the landscape of the salt in the province of Salta, visiting the Salar de Pocitos. Its soil is characterized by huge hexagons formed by the salts. Sunglasses are essential to wear in order to avoid the hassles of reflected light.

El Toro

It is a very small town where only 140 inhabitants. In this town it is accessed via Route 70. It's a little place mentioned on tourist itineraries, but it is a very good option for travelers bound for the Paso de Jama.


The Paso de Jama is one of the most important steps leading to the neighboring country of Chile. It has the distinction of being paved and has a full service station, plus a four-star hotel, ideal for a stopover before traveling. The point to be photographed in this walk, is the lagoon with its pink flamingos.


Another site for travelers going for the second time to northern Argentina, or restless travelers who want to know more destinations is Casabindo. It is a town located in the province of Jujuy. Its fame is due to the event of the procession of the Virgin of the Assumption and the paintings of archangel musketeers.

The Laguna Colorada

This water is at Yavi in the province of Jujuy. For this site it is necessary to travel with a high vehicle. These natural surroundings invite you to see animals like flamingos and ducks Puna.