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Northern Argentina and Thematic Routes

Arrows Gorge

There are different ways to discover the history, scenery and charm of Northern Argentina, one of which is through the thematic routes. Here are some of the Thematic Routes offering by Northern Argentina...


Route Design

One of the newest in the province of Salta Theme routes is Route Design. It is a proposal that began a few years ago, in 2011. It is a tour that includes eight local fashion design of authors, that deserve to be traveled.

The Wine Route

One of the most popular routes of Argentina is the Wine in the province of Salta. The vineyards are spread over 1800 hectares between several towns in the Calchaquí Valleys and Cafayate, San Carlos and Molinos. You can taste different types of strains, the most prominent are the Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Torrontés characteristic Cafayate wine, Bonarda, Tempranillo - among others. It is noteworthy that in recent years the wine industry in the North of Argentina has experienced tremendous growth and development to produce quality wines which are recognized in markets and international competitions.

Artisan Route

This thematic tour takes place in the province of Tucuman. This exciting route invites you to discover various craft stalls while enjoying the scenery of the area of Tafi del Valle. In addition, Artisan Route connects visitors and tourists with the people and their customs, while the history of the region shared.
The quality of the pieces made by artisans is shown by its certification of authenticity. They are performed manually, tools manufactured by the artisans themselves are used.
They can view and purchase unique pieces either carved in stone, leather, textiles and ceramics, in addition to urban crafts. The latter arise popular wit and creativity, like all others, are made with raw material from the region.

Empanada Tucumana route

50 food and beverage outlets distributed between the towns of San Miguel de Tucuman, Yerba Buena and Famaillá invite you to enjoy the Route of the Tucuman empanada. Like other thematic routes, this tour invites also enjoy amazing green landscapes, historic sites and traditional neighborhoods.

Walking a thematic route, it is another way to know the culture, traditions and history of the region while the varied and attractive geographic North Argentine cards are discovered.