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Tips to practice bird watching


Did you know that in Northern Argentina you can practice bird watching? Bird watching or birding is ideal for those who want to know, distinguish or just enjoy watching wild birds in a state of freedom activity. It is a proposal which also invites you in touch with nature.

But why it is appealing this activity? For various reasons ... Let you know birds that are characteristic of an area or region, see attractive birds with bright plumage or special songs, enjoy something different ...

If you are interested to practice this activity will surely find useful advice to practice bird watching ...

First we recommend using comfortable clothes, as in any hiking or outdoor activity is necessary to go comfortable. It is also advised to wear a shoe that allows walking paths, ponds, on rocks ... In other words, a product suitable for trekking shoes or closed shoes that do not have smooth soles.

Avoid using clothes of very bright colors like deep red, yellow... Ideally, military-style clothing or bright colors.

It is very useful to know beforehand what the birds that can be seen in the area are. Should first consult a good guidebook, brochure listing. Many places have specific brochures bird site in addition to more easily identify them we can learn about its history and characteristics.

In case of group activity, you should talk quietly without shouting and always move very slowly, keeping calm.

Of course for practicing bird watching responsibly should not enter bird breeding colonies, or transit through their nests, except that they are entitled to tourism. Other issues that make a responsible practice of this activity is to prevent the destruction and modification of soils and vegetation, in addition to not make fire in areas where this is not allowed.

It goes without saying that to practice this activity needs to have the necessary material, ie binoculars or telescope to get a good quality of observation without being so close to the species that we observe.