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Sports circuits in Salta and tips to not stop exercising in cold times

Running in San Bernardo Mountain

Salta offers several natural settings ideal for practicing sports such as Cerro San Bernardo, also has several aerobic paths and bicycle lanes. Here are some sports circuits and finally some practical tips for the cold is not an impediment when it comes to physical activity.


Cerro San Bernardo

A proposal for athletes is to climb the Cerro San Bernardo, stairs begin on North Avenue Army, are located behind the Monument and near the Museum of Anthropology. Up just over 1000 steps leads to the summit of Cerro, along with a magnificent view of the city of Salta, there is here a station that invites exercise equipment while enjoying the view of the place.
For those interested in exercising with equipment other point to go is San Lorenzo. It is a place which has 3 stations having exercise equipment.

Aerobic paths and bikeways

Taking Limache Rotunda until km 5 of the National Route 51 on Avenida Kennedy will reach an aerobic pathway and bikeway. Another option is to take the Avenida Arenales where the Monument 20 de Febrero and reach the Avenida Bolivia.

Plaza del Deporte

Salta also invites to enjoy sports and outdoor activities in the Plaza del Deporte, along with exercise equipment and aerobic trail soccer and basketball are also found.
Finally we leave some tips to not stop exercising in cold times
We must remember that we usually eat meals in the cold times that are more caloric, therefore we must pay attention to the amount ingested and we can feel heaviness when exercising.
Continuity is a factor to keep track of, because it helps maintain and improve the pace of our training.
In winter when temperatures tend to be low it is necessary to increase the preheating for the body to take the right temperature before starting physical activity.
Another tip that can be useful is to make a preheating before leaving our home especially if you're going out for a run. With a few minutes it is enough to warm up your muscles.
You need to take liquid, low temperatures tend to cause us to lose the water feeling.
It is important to remember the need to maintain a healthy weight and also a healthy physical condition. Exercising enhances a healthy body, joints, muscles and flexibility.