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Cabra Corral Dike and tourism opportunities

Cabra Corral Dike

One of the most important places of water in Northern Argentina is the "Dique Cabra Corral". It is one of the most visited by the inhabitants of Salta during the weekends, it is also a place increasingly visited by tourists.
The Cabra Corral is of great importance for the generation of hydroelectric power for the provinces of this region and is also used for irrigation, also it offers several tourist proposals ...


Within the dam are several sectors, it is ideal for camping sites to spend a different day outdoors enjoying the scenery and the tranquility of the place and it is an excellent place for water sports and fishing.
The Cabra Corral Dike is one of the places most preferred by anglers in the northern provinces of Argentina and also for tourists from other parts, as there may be species such as mackerel, bream, shad and eels.
The area of Cabra Corral has great beauty, the nearest town to base yourself and know this Salta postcard is the town of Coronel Moldes.

Adventure in the Dike

The dam has a height of nearly 100 meters from one of his columns for years one of the most attractive adventure tourism activities practiced: bungee jumping. It is a sport that involves jumping off tied an elastic rope that allows you to feel and enjoy the sensation of free fall.

Rock Art

Another proposal Cabra Corral Dike is doing the tour which takes you to one of its shores, which was inhabited by indigenous peoples. To do this walk must start from the "Club de Pescadores". The proposal is to make a small rocky crag with hundreds of petroglyphs and rock paintings.

Some facts about Coronel Moldes

Coronel Moldes is a locality located in the province of Salta, is a little over 70 kilometers from the capital city.