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A "fire place": Acsibi Caves

Acsibi Caves

The Argentine North has several postcards and landscapes that amaze visitors such as the Valle de Las Cuevas better known as the Caves of Acsibi. This is a landform located just 15 kilometers from the town of Seclantás.

Acsibi means "place of fire" that their intense red color is due and also to the large number of lightning strikes on this site in a storm.
This valley has a unique geomorphology, further characterized by being a place with a great archaeological value because of the large number of paintings that can be found. It is also an ideal place for trekking part of the famous Inca Trail place.

Where to stay

For Acsibi Caves Seclantás recommend stopping in this town it is in the province of Salta in the Calchaquíes Valleys.
Seclantás also offers its visitors know several areas that were declared a National Historic Landmark.

How to get

It is important to note that Acsibi Caves are not easily accessible as there is no path or gravel road that would lead to this site.
You can reach on foot or with the help of an appropriate vehicle through Montenieva dry bed of the river to the mouth of the canyon where there are huge stone walls. Once this barrier is overcome, one enters a reddish valley, which gives the feeling that one is on Mars due to the high walls of sandstone rocks and intense red shades.

When to go

While at any time of the year you can visit the Caves of Acsibi it is recommended not plan a visit during the summer months at this time because the roads are not in good condition.