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Flavors of Northen Argentina

Salta´s Pastry

The North of Argentina not only surprises by its landscapes, its culture and events, it also surprises and delights with its cuisine.
This region invites you to enjoy a varied menu of meals which can be enjoyed in restaurants, bars and also in folk clubs. Also possible to enjoy local customs that persist over time.


The origins of these recipes are familiar with aboriginal roots and ancient preparations of the colonial era. Among the main ingredients of these dishes include chili, corn, potatoes plus the stuffed meat.
Among the must-sees include Jujuy locro that can be enjoyed in Quebrada de Humahuca and of course, the salteñas humitas which can be tested in various corners of the province. Another point to taste pies is in the Valles Calchaquíes.

Fine cuisine accompanied by typical drinks such as chicha which is made with cornmeal and water in addition to the Aloja. The latter is obtained from carob pods.
You can also enjoy special taste wines with wines of the High, as in the case of wines from Cafayate.

Part of the North Argentine cuisine tamales and sweet cayote. But without doubt one of the most wanted products of the Calchaquíes Valleys and the Lerma Valley is the quesillo drawn by hand by a process known as filado development, a process that gives it its very particular special features. It is a type of cheese that does not mature, just packaged and has the distinction of being consumed immediately.
Adds to the list of cheeses to try the goat cheese. It is of big quality and taste. You can also take advantage of the walk in the North of Argentina to test other products derived from these processes as butter and ricotta.

Besides enjoying the cuisine and local products, you can visit various places where they are produced and marketed these products. There you can see the techniques and the step by step while more is known about the culture of the place.

The North of Argentina cuisine is a blend of flavors and traditions which combine perfectly.