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Proposals to enjoy North Argentina during holidays

Holiday in Argentina

Holidays invite us to think about taking a trip, get away. We are on the eve of one of the most important holidays of the country: the May 25 and one of the best ways to celebrate and enjoy is traveling. Therefore we will propose some ideas and proposals for Northern Argentina breaks for this holiday or why not for one some other "weekend" long ...



It is one of the must travel in Northern Argentina especially for those making their first trip to this sector. This area is characterized by combining the emblematic landscapes with a full range of tourist services.
One of the first issues to consider is that the height can be an inconvenience, but it is not a matter of concern. We recommend that you devote the first day of this trip to rest and get used to the change in altitude.
As recommended first stop is Purmamarca, land where the Cerro de los Siete Colores. Please also tour the impressive Cuesta de Lipan, which leads to the twelve thousand hectares that make up the white desert Salinas Grandes.
Of course you can not miss a stop along the way to explore the archaeological capital of northern Argentina, we refer to the town of Tilcara, where you can also enjoy typical dishes.

Hornaditas, Hornocal and Iruya

For those who already made one pass through the North of Argentina, the second round will be to go further and learn more secrets and highlights of this extensive area.
After meeting Humahuca and Tilcara, the tour can start directly from Humahuaca to reach Hornaditas where you can experience the local culture very deeply. This tour can be combined with a visit to Hornocal, their formations with more than thirty colors, style Purmamarca Cerro but with more variety of tones.
Finally you can complete this journey resting in the village of Iruya. While it is not the secret of the Puna, still retains its charm.

La Quiaca, Santa Catalina and Abra Pampa

Another ideal for a long weekend or getaway trip proposal is to start the tour from La Quiaca, then Yavi veering to know its striking church. The next stop is Santa Catalina a charming town in the far north, near the border with Bolivia. Here the idea is to enjoy a peaceful village where it seems that time has not passed. Finally we recommend a stopover in Abra Pampa (an important center of services and communications in Northern Argentina) before heading back.