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Importants Events in Salta

Salta Traditions

Salta has a lot of events where you can learn about the customs of the region, rituals, culture ... Here we present the main events of Salta.


In almost every village in Salta several festivals and events take place. One of the main and most famous is the Fiesta de la Pachamama. This festival, takes place in all the country's northwest but is even more relevant in mountain areas where the Incas lived. Arguably, the Pachamama is one of the most popular festivals in Salta. During the meeting the participants made offerings to Mother Earth also called "Pacha". The people of the region take advantage of the celebration of the Feast of the Pachamama to thank all the members and ask for future harvests.
Also of relevance cheerful and colorful Carnival Salta, is celebrated with traditional folk dances and music.

Another of the events that form part of the agenda of Salta is the Desfile Gaucho. Witness this parade is such an emotional experience as unique. El Gaucho Parade takes place every June 17 to honor the General Güemes, well-known and important historical figure in the province. Horseback riders are wearing the traditional costumes of the gauchos.

It adds to the list of events of Salta, Cafayate Seranata. This is the most important folkloric event of the province hosting major national and regional singers. For those interested to attend the festival, the celebration takes place in mid-February in the heart of the Calchaquíes Valleys.

Chicoana is a town that combines gastronomy with events. There you can enjoy highlights such as barbecues contest with folk performances. This event takes place during the month of January.
During the last days of January, on Chicoana is celebrated the Fiesta Nacional de La Empanada, also accompanied by folk performances and of course with the sale of dishes and desserts besides regional crafts.

In the town of Iruya during the month of January it is celebrated an important and Ballad Singing Festival with exhibition of products made on the spot. This event usually takes place during the month of November.

In Cachi takes place the Festival de la Tradición calchaquí, it is one of the festival organizers invited the region approaching the Valley culture. During this festival important local and national artists are presented, you can taste typical dishes while enjoying a craft fair.
The various villages and towns in the province of Salta offer events that allow approaching the local culture, while enjoying the typical cuisine accompanied by good music. Have you thought what event go?