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The Virgen del Cerro...believe or not believe

Virgen de Tres Cerritos

The Virgen del Cerro Salta is the Inmaculada Madre del Divino Corazón Eucarístico de Jesús. As discussed, believe or not believe, the Virgin begins his appearances in 1990. The woman who saw the appearances, said that she heard an inner voice that speaks to her. The woman described her voice as a radiant, celestial and great ability to cause changes in your heart and anyone who is lucky enough to hear her voice. Since then Maria, the woman who had the opportunity to hear it, begins to share that story to their family and immediate surroundings and the weather starts to be released first in Salta and then everywhere ...

Maria says her life was very simple and had never asked to see the Virgin, nor had imagined.
For those wishing to approach the Virgen del Cerro, they can do so by going to the Sanctuary. It is located on top of the second hill of Tres Cerritos, located just 10 minutes from the main square of the city of Salta.
It takes about 10 to 200 minutes to get to the Sanctuary in Tres Cerritos from the center of the city of Salta.
You can climb to the shrine on weekdays and on Sundays. On Saturdays the entry of pilgrims are only allowed until 12:00 noon.
For those interested in the Lady Maria (who heard the voice of the Virgin), the appointment is on Saturday. Anyway there is a calendar where the activities and the presence or absence of the Lady Maria is communicate.

Other important information

In case you are interested in doing a visit to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Cerro it is important to note that there is no (because that is not allowed) stall selling anything. Cups of fresh water are provided free of charge.
At the top there are chemical toilets, electricity and medical care.
Another thing to mention is that collaborations are not allowed, everything is absolutely free.
In the Sanctuary you can feel the peace, quiet and can enjoy the silence.