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Two villages in the North of Argentina to escape from big cities

Santa Catalina

There is no need to go to the other part of the world to take a break and to enjoy the temporary forgetfulness of daily obligations and the hectic pace of the big cities. Argentina has many corners where tranquility and peace coupled with stunning scenery can be enjoy.
If the idea is to vanish for a while , the next stop may be ...


The North: Santa Catalina

The answer to the question What is the point where Argentina starts, or where the Argentina ends… The answer is the village of Santa Catalina, a town located on the border with the neighboring country of Bolivia, about 60 kilometers from La Quiaca, in the Puna. This is a town beyond any technology, modernity and routes populated.

Santa Catalina is the name given to this town where only about 400 persons live. In a few blocks there are intact houses, where it seems that time has not pass yet.

Besides touring the picturesque streets of Santa Catalina and the central square where the Regional Museum and the church, is a good idea to visit the neighboring towns. Just an hour from the town of Santa Catalina, is the city of La Quiaca, a destination visited by tourists who want to experience the local culture and spend a few days in the far north of the striking Quebrada de Humahuaca.


A few years ago it was a point forgotten in the maps, it use to be also a forfotten point for travelers and absecent in tourist itineraries.

Iruya is one of the few villages where it seems time has not passed. Walking its narrow cobbled streets on which adobe houses rise is a real trip to the past.

One of the must-have rides that this site of Argentina, is to visit the Church, which appears in all the photos and postcards. After knowing the Church, the next recommended stop is the viewpoint that is in front, there can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley and the hills.

Importantly, you can tour the town as hiking or, if the idea is to stay longer to enjoy the silence, tranquility and postcards of this unique place, you can enjoy more time resting at one of their hotels or inns .