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Why Salta wine is so good?

Salta Wine

Apart from the cities and towns, the stunning scenery, Northern Argentina tune another frequency in locations where growth seems unstoppable, where other new and unmissable proposals such as the "Wine Route" arise. This proposal invites you to learn more about the process of preparing and sampling the wines in height.

The area where the most important wines of Salta occur is in the Valles Calchaquíes, a place characterized by a dry and mild climate ideal for growing and wine production, especially the Torrontés wine, a local variety of the country.

The Torrontés strain is without a doubt one of the most emblematic of Salta, characterized by being fruity and very aromatic. The place that is associated with this varietal is the town of Cafayate crossed by the National Route 40 and characterized by several points of interest such as the Quebrada de Las Conchas, a rock formations were sculpted by the action of erosion.

Of course the tour of the wine roads is not complete without visiting the recent Museum of Vine and Wine of the town of Cafayate. This is an interactive and entertaining space that contributes to know more about the secrets of the beverage, it is suitable for all ages.

The Wine Route in Salta is a circuit of about 200 kilometers that combines the secrets of wine with breathtaking scenery as the Quebrada de Las Felchas and ancient villages where time seems to stop playing.

The tour aims to identify craft products such as Cachi and Seclantás well as modern wineries equipped with the latest technology.

The Wine Route is interesting because it allows to know vineyards are located between 1600 and 2400 meters above sea level. The height gives the wine a special character, a strong personality and a unique fragrance.

For wine lovers, it is unthinkable to make only a brief visit to a cellar, we suggest at least devote three days to tour the wine roads sleeping in Cafayate and Cachi. If you have more time, a good option may be to dedicate a day to rest and continue in Molinos to know more.

Between mountains, through winding roads, crossing historic villages, you can learn the secrets of a wine route and reveals the secrets of the good wine and also the foundational past of Argentina.