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Places to discover in Salta ...

Road to Tolar Grande

The province of Salta, has many attractions some of them are better known and famous, but there are others that are little known and visited. Here are some must-see places situated in Salta.


Santa Victoria Oeste: a contrast in the Puna

One of the emerging sites of Salta or little known is Santa Victoria Oeste, located in the northeast corner of the province. Santa Victoria Oeste is characterized as a garden surrounded by the arid characteristic of this region.
This fertile valley is a contrast in the highlands and it is ideal for travelers looking for new northern landscapes and also for those looking for locations with little amount of people and little exploited for tourism place.
It is important to remember that the best time of year to meet this landscape is during the autumn and during the spring months. It can be accessed from the neighboring province of Jujuy or from one of our neighboring countries, Bolivia.

Tolar Grande a place of strange reddish formations

Tolar Grande is a site located in the Valle de Los Sueños, it's a place shaped by striking reddish formations.
Near this place you can visit important volcanoes like Socompa and Llullaillaco.
One of the main features of this destination is that you can visit at any time of year. The time of year less recommended is during the winter months, because the temperatures are very low.

Another exotic proposal: Tolombón

Another option for travelers looking for exotic and unconventional points in Salta is Tolombón. It is a town located south of Cafayate. In this town there are ruins which were declared as a Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Nation.
Northern Argentina offers a variety of tourist destinations for everyone, for tourists seeking more conventional and traditional options and also for those tourists and travelers who search unusual places.

Santa Victoria Oeste, Tolar Grande and Tolombón are three destinations that are being developed for tourism. These three options represent excellent scenery worth visiting.
To visit these places you need to remember some things, such as the best time of year to go, find out the condition of the roads ... But fundamentally be willing to visit places little promoted but incredible ...